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A-Polaroid-A-Day / My Fake Husband

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Scan copy 24

Something else happened during my long weekend in Wales… I got married ! Kind of. I took part in a bridal shoot for Amaryllis Floral Boutique.

There were two brides for the shoot, a traditional and bohemian bride. I was asked to play the role of ‘bohemian bride’.  This meant that a key part of my look was folky headdresses made from fresh flowers, hooray !

Being a die-hard follower of Britain’s Next Top Model I was expecting the worst from the shoot. Various harrowing scenarios played out in my head. What if the dress was too small ? Would the photographer get frustrated with me ? What if they hated my very obvious tattoos… ? The photographers I worked with, however, were surprisingly cool and reassuring. O&C Photography are a male-female creative duo who I soon discovered were husband and wife. They worked in an extraordinary way, sensitive to one another’s movements, often resting their cameras on each other. Their creativity and enthusiasm eased me into the role of ‘bohemian bride’ and helped me to forget that I was standing in a wedding dress next to my boyfriend of  just four months… Not to mention that they loved my tattoos and decided to feature them in some of the shots.

I’ll be interested to see how the shoot turns out. In the meantime my fake husband is taking me to Secret Garden Party today, expect some wonderfluffle polaroids next week.


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